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Get Back in The Game

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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. - Most senior players in the southeastern part of the United States got to know Terry Leiden years ago as the smiling attorney at Augusta who worked hard at making his city known for more than just a Masters golf tournament but also a nice senior softball event. There was something special about playing softball at Augusta the week after the golf tournament. Few people knew of the serious medical difficulties that faced Terry back then, he kept the smile and warmly greeted the teams to his place. Today Terry is a cancer survivor and in addition to his law practice has found the time to write a wonderful first-time novel which recently received the following review, "Augusta attorney Terry Leiden speaks to the never say die attitude in a humorous and heartwarming tale of life after prostate cancer and communal activity in the healing process. In "Get Back in the Game: An Inspirational Story of Cancer Survivors," Leiden fictionalizes the lives of five men who lose everything upon diagnosis only to find strength and meaning with each other on the softball field. Terry Leiden is best known in the Augusta area for the numerous daytime commercials his law firm has run over the years, and he has been a practicing attorney focused on bankruptcy and consumer issues in the Augusta area since 1973. A survivor of prostate cancer himself, Leiden is a husband and father as well as a player and coach on the Triumphs 65 senior softball team. In his first work as a fictional writer, Leiden sticks to subject matter he knows well, and in so doing, provides a realistic portrayal of the frustration and struggles that come along with a cancer diagnosis. A practicing attorney for over three decades, he also manages to involve the law in a collection of court appearances and humor laced arrests of his main characters. By using familiar material, he provides a realistic backdrop to a fascinating story of connection and interaction among men from divergent backgrounds. With the common experience of prostate cancer as his tool, Leiden unites the lives of a construction worker, a schoolteacher, a corporate executive, an accountant, and an inner-city reverend. Within the framework of these distinct personalities, Leiden weaves a thread of perseverance in the face of horrid odds, and in so doing, fosters the bonds of communal experience within the covers of this work. Supplemented by a collection of hilarious, trouble-making, practical joke playing wives and the ins and outs of organized softball, the stories of these five men and other survivors who join the team along the way lead the reader on a fascinating journey through the turmoil of medical concerns into the blinding light of happy trails traveled with good friends and a pre-mixed margarita or two. Laced with comic episodes like a group of old men and women joining hands in a fornication prayer, Leiden's work brims with confidence and hilarity sure to please the tastes of a wide variety of readers. Available at major booksellers and on the online designations of chain stores, this work is a wonderful example of the joy that can be found at the end of a dark tunnel. With precise wording and wonderfully realistic characters, Leiden avoids the common pitfalls of the usual first novel, and provides a tale that will warm hearts, inspire chuckles, and provide a reason to hold on in the hardest of times." Leiden, Terry. "Get Back in the Game: An Inspirational Story of Cancer Survivors." Augusta, Georgia: Savannah River Press (An Imprint of Harbor House Books). 2008. 251pp. $16.95 Paper. ISBN: 9781891799457.


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