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NEWSFLASH - July 24, 2012

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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA USA - Check out the ISSA Website for tournament results and photos and while here see who is coming to the next ISSA tournament.

  • The 2nd Annual ISSA Mountaineer Senior Classic was completed this past weekend. Teams enjoyed playing on the new synthetic turf field at Mylan Park. Some also enjoyed the "extra inning" at the Ramada Inn on Saturday night. Complete game results and tournament photos are now posted on the ISSA Website.
  • Manassas, VA is bracing for the players and fans from over 80 teams to desend on the area for the 18th ISSA World Championships. Check out the Registered Team list to see the competition. The ISSA is still taking late entries for the tournament in most divisions. The event will play on August 10-12.
  • Cincinnatti, OH will be the site for the ISSA US Northern Championships in September. We hope to see your team at the "Ballyard" in a couple months. The online entry form and Fact Sheet is on the website.
  • In October the ISSA will hold tournaments at two of the Nation's outstanding resort cities.....Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach. Both tournaments will allow the teams to use their 2013 Roster.
  • Over 100 teams have now earned a berth in the 2013 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of Champions at Tampa, FL. The list of teams with a berth is posted on the ISSA Website.

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