Message from RB Thomas, Jr., ISSA Executive Director



JUST A THOUGHT -  In 1994 when we decided to create the International Senior Softball Association (ISSA) it was based on our observation that senior softball needed a national organization ran by experienced softball people with the goal of providing the highest  quality tournament experience for the senior players.  

One complaint that we have heard over and over again is, “There are too many sanctioning bodies with different registration processes and fees for each one of them.”  Our ISSA response has been to refraim from requiring individual player registrations and simply use the player's drivers license for proof of residency and age.  

Our new online team registration process can be done very easy and quickly on the ISSA Website and at no cost to the team.  The registration information provides the ISSA staff the necessary information to work with the team to establish their ISSA Rating and provides the manager contact information.  Team ratings can be viewed on the website.

Teams can now submit their entry form for each ISSA tournament online as well.  Simply click on the tournament to access the Entry Form then complete and submit.  Entry forms can be submitted this winter for all ISSA tournaments the team plans to play.  The team roster should be submitted with the entry fee on or before 30 days prior to the tournament to finalize the entry process.  The submitted roster does not have to include the player signatures.  The original roster form with player signatures can be turned in at the tournament at the team check-in.

Our mission will always be to provide a national organization that is affordable, customer service based and works for the players and managers.   We want to be able to provide senior teams with tournaments in every state and have began the process of identifying "host communities" who sincerely desire to partner with ISSA to hold a quality tournament for the senior players.

If you want to learn more about our ISSA program, host an event or just have some questions, then send us an email or give us a call at any time.  Teams and players should often review the ISSA Website to obtain updated information and current happenings at ISSA events.  Several players on each team should log on at the website home page to receive our ISSA e-news.  Individuals who use Facebook should LIKE our ISSA - Senior Softball page and/or FRIEND Rb Thomas as another tool for communication.

Our ISSA staff would like to wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for a great season of senior softball in 2012.

RB Thomas, Jr., ISSA Executive Director (571-436-9704)

Greg Thomas, Deputy ED (571-220-0158)