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ISSA Online Team Registration and Tournament Entry

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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA - Masters and Senior teams can now register their team with ISSA online on the ISSA Website (no charge.)  Any team planning on playing in an ISSA tournament this year and/or would like to get their ISSA Team Rating should register their team now if they have not done so.

Many teams who play in the ISSA program play in multiple tournaments.  All teams are encouraged to enter all the tournaments in which they are planning to play at there earliest convenience using the online entry form.  Then mail the entry fee for each event later by the published deadline to finalize the entry.  Early sign-up for ISSA tournaments helps the ISSA plan for the best possible tournament experience for the teams.   

Anyone having any difficulty utilizing the digital registration processes should contact the ISSA Office for assistance and possible alternatives.  Additional online services are in the works for teams to be able to submit their roster and pay tournament entry fees.



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