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ISSA Class AA Criteria Clarified

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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA - A frequent inquiry at the iSSA Office concerns the Class AA skill-level division.  Many managers (and players) are often under the impression that a new or newly formed team would start out as a Class AA team?  When in fact, new teams would start as a Class AAA team unless the ISSA has clear and convincing information that the roster of players are playing at a skill level comparable to existing ISSA Class AA teams (or the roster of players would rate the team as Major).  

Existing Class AAA teams often appeal their rating when they struggle to win tournaments.  A team's won-loss record is not the determining factor in evaluating an appeal to a lower class.  In every competitive game there has to be a winner and a loser.  The degree in which a team has demonstrated by their game history that they have consistantly been run-ruled by other teams in their class is the single most determing factor.  The history supporting an appeal should cover a number of games, enough to show a pattern of non-competitiveness (approximately 15 games or more.) 

Teams with rostered players with previous experience at the Major level and/or players who have been inducted in the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame in the player category (or in another National association's Hall of Fame) would in most cases prohibit a team from being rated Class AA.   It would be incumbent upon the manager and player to provide evidence that such a player no longer possesses the skills to compete at the Class AAA level for the team to be eligible for the Class AA rating.  


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