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ISSA Launches New Website

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The ISSA has launched a revised website using a new format which allows the ISSA staff to better manage the content. The site includes a fresh new look with an enhanced Photo Gallery and new group of videos. It is our goal to provide a user friendly website for the senior players and archive as much senior softball history as we can. We have encouraged the teams that enter our tournaments to send us any digital photos taken at our events for possible posting in the Gallery. Also new this year is the ISSA Team Registration online.

Teams participating in ISSA tournaments must now register their team using the website. There is no charge for the ISSA Team Registration. Teams must now be registered to get their ISSA Team Rating and to participate in ISSA managed tournaments.

Players that use Facebook can now LIKE the ISSA - Senior Softball and communicate directly with the ISSA staff and receive additional postings regarding ISSA tournaments. We are excited about the new communication tools and keeping the ISSA available through the various social media formats.

You can still contact us by email at [email protected], office phones, cell phones and the old fax machine. We encourage all those interested in the Masters and Senior divisions of softball to subscribe to this e-newsletter so suggest it to your teammates and friends.


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