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Seacrest Maverick Lay Claim to Number One Ranking

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA - When the Seacrest Mavericks 50 Major Plus team boarded their plane at LAX Airport in Los Angelos they knew what they had to do.......win the ISSA World Championship and solidify their claim to be the Number One team in Senior Softball. The all-star team from Huntington Beach, CA includes the outstanding players from the West Coast who have turned 50 including Hall of Famer Ron Parnell and have established themselves as the team to beat in the 50 Major Plus Division this year.


In Manassas they opened the double elimination competition with a 24 to 16 win over Hendricks Sports Management, managed by Randy Hendricks from Spring, TX. They followed the opening victory with a win over Damon’s Grill from Pittsburgh, PA 21 to 9 to reach the finals undefeated. Hendrisks then defeated Gekle Builders from Lansing, MI 42 to 29 and then eked out a 35 to 34 victory over Damon’s Grill to get the rematch with the Mavericks. However, this was the Seacrest Mavericks weekend as they handily defeated Hendricks 29 to 8 to take home the 2009 ISSA 50+ Major Plus World Championship and the bragging rights as the Number One team in Senior Softball. Seacrest Manager, Ken Lipinski was named the ISSA Manager of the Year. The 50 Major Plus All World team included Sal Formosa (MVP), Paul Salow (Outstanding Offensive Plaver), Gary Springer, Howard Copeland and Dave Meggison from the Seacrest Mavericks.



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