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2009 Bat Standards for ISF and ISSA Tournaments

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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA - Beginning January 1, 2009 the equipment standards for bats and balls will be established in accordance with the current addition of the ISF Official Rules of Softball and/or as established in the tournament rules. To be consistent with the equipment rules, the ISSA tournaments will play by the same equipment standards. The bats allowed in the 2009 ISF Senior World Cup, the ISSA World Championships and the ISSA Winter Nationals will include all bats currently allowed by any member organization of the Senior Summit. This will include ASA Certified and BPF 1.2 Certified bats. The Senior Bats.(including the Miken Ultra II) will be allowed in all senior divisions of play. The balls to be used in these events will be the Dudley Thunder Advance, .44 core with maximum 375 compression. Given the past experience from senior tournaments throughout the world and the feedback from participating players, the ISF and ISSA have jointly agreed to adopt the equipment rules preferred by the vast majority of the senior players today and now being used in most senior tournaments.



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