65+ Majors

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2001 International Senior Softball World Championships Final Results


65+ Majors Preliminary Game Scores

Team Score Team Score
Fairway Ford 11 Tri-State Titans 3
NY Statesmen 4 Mitchell's Eastern States 3
Fairway Ford 13 NY Statesmen 2
Tri-State Titans 13 Mitchell's Eastern States 4

65+ Majors Championship Game Scores

Team Score Team Score
Mitchell's Eastern States 16 Fairway Ford 12
NY Statesmen 10 Tri-State Titans 5
NY Statesmen 14 Mitchell's Eastern States 5
Fairway Ford 16 Tri-State Titans 2
Fairway Ford 15 Mitchell's Eastern States 3
NY Statesmen 8 Fairway Ford 2

65+ Majors Final Standings

Rank Team Wins Loss Scored Allowed
1. NY Statesmen 3 0 32 12
2. Fairway Ford 2 2 45 29
3. Mitchell's Eastern States 1 2 24 41
4. Tri-State Titans 0 2 7 26

65+ Majors All World Team

Player Team
Jim Atkinson Mitchell's Eastern States
Stan Cutler NY Statesmen
Steve Hill Fairway Ford
Gary Hinkle Mithcell's Eastern States
John Johnson NY Statesmen
Marty Mellis Fairway Ford
Dick Payseno Fairway Ford
Ray Rogther NY Statesmen
Duf Sfreddo Fairway Ford
Jay Solomon Mitchell's Eastern States
Dave Thomson NY Statesmen
Jim Whiteford Mitchell's Eastern States

Award Player Team
Most Valuable Player: Marty Paris NY Statesmen
Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Al Giordano NY Statesmen
Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Darold Klein Fairway Ford
Manager of the Year: George Martin NY Statesmen

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