2022 ISSA Rule Changes

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The rule changes will be in effect beginning March 1, 2022 (These rule changes do not impact the 2022 ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions)

Residency Requirement

All Men's teams rosters 40-65 (AA, AAA, Major & Major Plus) can only include players from their home state (The state were most players reside) and adjoining states. 

Pitch Count

Batters will start with a 1-1 count and have a couresty foul on third strike.


ISSA Snowbird Policy

Only Players 65 and older can request Snowbird Status. All other Ages/Divisions must follow the residency guidelines. Players 65 or older may request to play in a geographic region outside their permanent region of residency if they own a residence and reside for (3) three or more consecutive months during the current calendar year. A snowbird player can only play in either their permanent region or their approved snowbird region in one event and not both.


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